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Vitasigns is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) company led by physicians, for physicians and their patients.

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What sets us apart:

Device accuracy

Reliable data is the cornerstone of good healthcare. That's why at Vitasigns we are committed to providing precision-driven devices that accurately read and transmit patient health data.

Cutting-edge technology

Technology should break barriers, not create them. That is why our cellular enabled devices provide reliable data transmission to any platform with no additional hassle for patients or doctors.


Managing physiological data can be overwhelming. That's why we've designed simple and easy to use devices for patients of all ages. We believe that health management should be stress-free, and our devices have been created with that same goal in mind.

Healthcare equality

We are committed to making our technology accesible to everyone, regardless of their location or economic status. We believe that preventative care should be available to all, not just those who can afford it.

Why Remote Patient Monitoring?


At-Home Care

Medicare FFS and MA recipients could get $265 billion worth of at-home care without a drop in quality or access.

Telehealth Visits

Telehealth Medicare visits climbed to 52.7 million in 2020 from 840,000 in 2019

Hospital Readmission Reduction

Hospital readmission is decreasing as a result of RPM. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, RPM was instrumental in reducing readmission by 76%.

RPM Industry

The global RPM industry is projected to grow to ~$7.4 billion by 2029, up significantly from its projected $2.2 billion value in 2020 (ResearchAndMarkets)

Healthcare Providers

The vast majority of healthcare organizations reported already investing in, or actively researching RPM technology in 2019 (Spyglass Consulting Group)

A Trusted RPM Solution

"I have witnessed first-hand how remote patient monitoring devices and analytics platforms are revolutionizing patient care and leading to more personalized treatment. These technologies allow for continuous real-time tracking of critical health data, regardless of the patient's location, reducing the need for regular office check-ups. Patients are also empowered to play a more direct role in their care by monitoring their health data and observing the impact of their actions.

By proactively monitoring health trends, healthcare professionals can manage chronic diseases and prevent hospital readmissions. Technology's integration into the healthcare system will continue to improve outcomes for patients."

- Dr. Owrang Dastmalchi, DO

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What sets Vitasigns apart?

The world of remote patient monitoring and healthcare technology is rapidly progressing, and Vitasigns was built to take part in that innovation. Our state of the art devices are equipped with virtual sim cards that transmit data accurately, reliably, and with no added hassle. The open API allows physicians and enterprises to easily access patient data and our platform is designed to allow physicians and nurses to focus on what matters most--delivering high quality care. The Vitasigns' system wasn't crafted in boardrooms, but by nurses, physicians, and healthcare professionals who put patients first.

How can Vitasigns save me money?

  1. A. If you’re a healthcare provider, business, physician, or nurse:
          1. Our technologies can detect health issues early and prevent hospitalization by remotely monitoring patients' vital signs and other health data. This reduces hospital readmissions and other costly medical procedures. Vitasigns' remote monitoring system can also help healthcare providers manage a bigger patient population, which can increase patient visits and income.
  3. B. If you’re a patient:
    1. Vitasigns can prevent expensive hospitalizations and other medical procedures. Your healthcare professional can remotely monitor your health data to spot any health issues before they worsen. This can save expensive hospitalizations and other medical procedures, saving you money and easing the financial burden of chronic illness. Vitasigns' remote monitoring solutions may be covered by Medicare and other health insurance plans, lowering your healthcare costs.

Which devices can I purchase now?

So far, we offer blood pressure monitors and weight scales, both of which are cellular-enabled with virtual sim cards. Both devices seamlessly connect to our platform.

Does only Medicare cover Vitasigns' devices?

No! Private insurance companies are also realizing the healthcare benefits of covering remote patient monitoring devices and many are now covering Vitasigns’ devices.

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