Welcome to Vitasigns where our mission is to help you to live a healthy life. We’re passionate about creating simple technology that helps you monitor your weight, blood pressure, steps, sleep, and more. Our intelligent devices support Smart Routines so you can improve your health awareness. What’s our measure of success? You and those you love living well.

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Vitasigns gives you the ability to measure and track your vital signs from the comfort of your home. Additionally, the Vitasigns Application allows you to set and maintain goals for yourself, family members, and friends with the option to share your results via email, Facebook and Twitter.

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About Vitasigns

At Vitasigns we create intelligent devices that improve your health awareness. Our products support Smart Routines by empowering you to measure, monitor, and track your vital signs so you and those you love can live well. Every day – people just like you choose our products to help them monitor their weight, blood pressure, steps, sleep, and more. We honor that choice by ensuring our products are the highest quality and by doing business responsibly.


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