An all-in-one RPM solution for your practice

Vitasigns' remote patient monitoring platform seamlessly integrates with our cellular-enabled devices giving your practice a clear path towards the future of healthcare. With easy onboarding, reliable data transmission, and a platform designed by and for physicians, we have removed the hassle from RPM allowing you to focus on what matters most--your patients.

Quality devices, seamless integration

You can swiftly onboard patients and easily manage chronic illnesses by integrating our cellular-enabled devices with the Vitasigns RPM platform. We provide access to a staff of registered nurses with experience providing remote medical assistance. The evidence is overwhelming: telemedicine helps cut down on hospital readmissions. Our mission is to help doctors spend more time on patient care by creating innovative, easy to use tools that remove the headache from patient onboarding.



Our devices are powered by virtual sim cards that accurately transmit data to the Vitasigns platform.


Quality Products

We have used the best manufacturers to create elegant, durable products that your patients can use throughout their journey.


Registered Nurses

Vitasigns has a team of highly-qualified, experienced registered nurses ready to be integrated with your patient base at any moment.


Integrated Platform

The Vitasigns custom RPM platform is built to clearly communicate patient insights with no added headache for physicians.  


Expanding the Patient Base

Eighty percent of Americans support adopting remote patient monitoring, and nearly half are very supportive of incorporating technology into medical care, per a survey conducted in June 2021 by MSI International.


Revolutionizing Patient Care

Accoridng to an MSI International Report, 88% of patients polled have used remote healthcare in the previous 12 months.

The RPM Revolution in Numbers:


At-Home Care

Medicare FFS and MA recipients could get $265 billion worth of at-home care without a drop in quality or access.

Rapid Growth

According to, a 16.4% compound annual growth rate is expected to reach the forecasted RPM market size of $7.4 billion.

Hospital Readmission Reduction

Hospotal readmission is decreasing as a result of RPM. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, RPM was instrumental in reducing readmission by 76%.

RPM Industry

The global RPM industry is projected to grow to ~$7.4 billion by 2029, up significantly from its projected $2.2 billion value in 2020 (ResearchAndMarkets)

U.S. Healthcare Spending

According to Business Insider, the treatment of chronic diseases accounts for an astounding 90% of healthcare spending in the United States.

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What sets Vitasigns apart?

The world of remote patient monitoring and healthcare technology is rapidly progressing, and Vitasigns was built to take part in that innovation. Our state of the art devices are equipped with virtual sim cards that transmit data accurately, reliably, and with no added hassle. The open API allows physicians and enterprises to easily access patient data and our platform is designed to allow physicians and nurses to focus on what matters most--delivering high quality care. The Vitasigns' system wasn't crafted in boardrooms, but by nurses, physicians, and healthcare professionals who put patients first.

How can Vitasigns save me money?

  1. A. If you’re a healthcare provider, business, physician, or nurse:
          1. Our technologies can detect health issues early and prevent hospitalization by remotely monitoring patients' vital signs and other health data. This reduces hospital readmissions and other costly medical procedures. Vitasigns' remote monitoring system can also help healthcare providers manage a bigger patient population, which can increase patient visits and income.
  3. B. If you’re a patient:
    1. Vitasigns can prevent expensive hospitalizations and other medical procedures. Your healthcare professional can remotely monitor your health data to spot any health issues before they worsen. This can save expensive hospitalizations and other medical procedures, saving you money and easing the financial burden of chronic illness. Vitasigns' remote monitoring solutions may be covered by Medicare and other health insurance plans, lowering your healthcare costs.

Which devices can I purchase now?

So far, we offer blood pressure monitors and weight scales, both of which are cellular-enabled with virtual sim cards. Both devices seamlessly connect to our platform.

Does only Medicare cover Vitasigns' devices?

No! Private insurance companies are also realizing the healthcare benefits of covering remote patient monitoring devices and many are now covering Vitasigns’ devices.