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Our top-of-the-line blood pressure monitors and weight scales have been developed by the best health device manufacturers. Powered by virtual sim cards, each device is cellular enabled, reducing the friction in patient compliance and eliminating the hassle of data uploads.

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Transparent pricing

With no hidden costs and a wholesale account that allows you to see all of our prices upfront, Vitasigns prioritizes cultivating long-term relationships with our partners. If you are happy, so are we.


RPM Platform Integration

All of our devices connect to open APIs that will allow your business to seamlessly integrate with whichever RPM platform you choose. No added hassle.


Over-the-air firmware updates

Every Vitasigns device updates on its own, allowing users to focus on delivering care and bypassing manual updates.


Optional RPM Software

Vitasigns is now providing our remote patient monitoring platform to partners for a small licensing fee. Our easy to use platform is easily integrated with our products.


Hassle-free Shipping

You’ll get your products fast. Our inventory is stocked daily with Vitasigns devices. There are no waiting times or delayed shipping. We are ready to ship as soon as you click buy.


Optional Registered Nurse (RN) Monitoring

Vitasigns also provides a team of remote nurses who are trained to analyze patient data and deliver remote care. If chosen, our RN monitoring service can be smoothly integrated with your RPM solution.



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