Meet the easy-to-use, easy-to-connect devices

The biggest difference with Vitasigns devices: they are sleek, attractive and easy to use. Setting up the device is easy and connects via cellular.

  • Statistics

    Cellular connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back-up capability
    High precision sensors provide accuracy of 0.1kg/0.2lbs up to 200 kg/440 lbs
    On-screen visual cues for weight centering featuring Position Control TechnologyTM
    Daily localized weather forecast
    Battery life up to 18 months using four standard AAA batteries
  • Measurements

    Body Mass Index (BMI)
    Weight Trend Line
  • Features

    FDA cleared
    Designed to help anyone manage & track blood pressure
    Single button for simple & accurate readings
    Cellular readings
    Extended cuff for standard and large adults
    Long battery life
    Automatically uploads data
  • Measurements

    Systolic blood pressure
    Diastolic blood pressure
    Heart rate

Collect and transfer participant data in the way that suits you best.

We have multiple options to help you make the connection between the data our devices produce and your IT solutions. So you can access participant data easily, seamlessly and securely.