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Better Outcomes for Chronic Conditions, Through Better Data

Smart Meter offers a complete solution for reimbursable remote patient monitoring that delivers better patient outcomes through better data across multiple chronic conditions.

Smart Meter’s current solutions support RPM for patients with diabetes, hypertension and weight management issues. Through its multi-purpose RPM platform, Smart Meter enables healthcare providers to maximize their immediate- and long-term RPM opportunities.

Smart Meter Population Management Portal

Easy to implement in a matter of weeks, Smart Meter fits into existing workflows; the platform can connect patient data with existing EHRs, or providers can adopt Smart Meter’s streamlined, HIPAA-compliant portal.

Tools to quickly identify patients requiring supportRPM Dashboards, patient data and reportsPatient communication toolsPrivate, secure and HIPAA Complaint data

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Real-time results without patient intervention

When it comes to chronic care management, reliable and timely data is vital to driving better outcomes. Now, with the iGlucose,  iBloodPressure, iPulseOx and iScale, solutions, when a person tests, results are instantly and seamlessly shared without extra steps or effort. Solutions with complete and timely glucose, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and weight data become the ultimate tool in effective chronic care management.

Smart Meter is actively seeking remote patient monitoring partners on a mission to improve chronic care management efficiencies and lessen the burden for patients and their caregivers.

In addition, our Partners can utilize our SmartTouch patient engagement program to ensure testing adherence. This omnichannel outreach guarantees the requirements for RPM CPT codes 99453 and 99454 will be completed or you won’t be billed.

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RPM/Chronic Care Management (CCM) Companies

RPM/Chronic Care Management (CCM) Companies

RPM/Chronic Care Management (CCM) Companies

RPM/Chronic Care Management (CCM) Companies

RPM/Chronic Care Management (CCM) Companies