• Vitasigns Digital Scale
  • Vitasigns Digital Scale
  • Vitasigns Digital Scale
  • Vitasigns Digital Scale
  • Vitasigns Digital Scale

Vitasigns Digital Scale

Vita Scale is a cellular weight scale that has an embedded SIM card, using cellular networks to securely transmit readings to the cloud. 

Key Features & Benefits:

- The platform size is 30% bigger than a usual weight scale (display is 85 x 53 mm)

- Our scale is easy to use and out of the box meaning there is no additional operations necessary.

- 8 mm thick tempered glass 

- Non-slip platform surface 

Take control.

Withings Wi-Fi Smart Scales deliver a comprehensive picture to help anyone have a positive impact on your weight and health goals.

Explore your full body composition and weight trends over time

Body+ gives a comprehensive picture of your body composition to help you make smarter choices that can have a significant impact on meeting your weight and fitness goals.

Technology you can trust

Withings was the first company to bring smart scales to market. However, being first is only part of the success. We’ve spent twelve years enhancing smart scales with user feedback, development, and advanced research so that you can benefit from an easy-to-use and long-lasting device.

Keeping a Healthy Weight

FDA-Approved Weight Scale device made for Remote Patient Monitoring, works right out of the box, with connectivity and flexibile IoT control.

Step-on measurement
Automatically upload data
No additional operations
No need to download an App
No need to pair devices


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Vita Scale requires 4 AA batteries

With original SENSE ON patent technology, the scale will automatically switch on as you step on the platform barefooted and swich off when you step off the platform.

The unit switch button is on the back of the scale. The default measurement unit is "lb". You may press the button to choose amount "pound", "kilogram", and "stone".

Flip your scale over to find the SIM card compartment door inside the battery compartment with wording "SIM". Open the SIM card door with a screwdriver and then you can check and re-install the SIM card. DO NOT enable it when it is not necessary and DO NOT replace it with any other SIM card.

All you need to do to set it up is step on the scale. There is absolutely no setup process or installation.

We recommend using it once a day at the same time of day every day. For example, right after you wake up every day.